Vadim Cherepanov (Master)

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Head of School  “EXTREME”, organizer of Latvian Breakdance Championship and European Breakdance Cup 3vs.3, dancer, artist of the original genre, artist, host…

Date of Birth: January 21, 1976, Riga.


1998. Riga Technical University
2001. certificate “Private Practice Educator» (Nr.00-025)
2001. Latvian Sports Academy

Dance career:

1991 – Studio Teenager club (D.S.).
1996 – Battle Time Squad team (BTS).
2001 – co-founder of “Freestyle” dance studio.
2003 – foundation of  School of contemporary choreography “EXTREME”
2003 – art-director of shows, participator of many international festivals, sessions and championships.
2003 – The International Olympic Academy (Greece)
2003 – Stunt Association of Russia (Moscow)
1995-2005 – 9-time Latvia champion in Electric Boogie
- Estonia Champion in Electric Boogie
- 3-time Baltic States champion in Electric Boogie
- Belarus Champion in New Style / Hip-Hop
- 2-time Latvia champion in New Style / Hip-Hop
- 2nd place in the Latvian Dance show championship
- Moscow Champion in Break Dance (BTS)
- Estonia Champion in Break Dance (BTS)
- 3-time Baltic States champion in Break Dance (BTS)
- Member of the IDO World Championship
2006 – Ukraine champion in Break Dance
2006 – 3rd place in European Championship in Hip Hop (IDF)
2006 – Best Latvian Dancer PRO / HipHop (project Hip Hop)
2007 – Baltic StatesChampion in Electric Boogie (Battle of Est.)

Organizer of such projects:

2000 – Vocal Project “B&G”
2001 – Latvian contemporary dance championship (Ventspils)
2002 – Baltic States contemporary dance championship “NRG” (Riga, Kipsala)
2003 – summer holiday camp (Mazsalaca)
2004-2016 – sports and entertainment camp “Extreme” (summer and winter)
2005 – School of contemporary choreography “EXTREME” concert
2006 – “Riga Open Streetdance Cup” (Riga, Kipsala)
2007 – “Riga Open Streetdance Cup” (Riga, Kipsala)
2008 – “Riga Open Streetdance Cup” (Riga, Faraon)

2009 – “Riga Open” Latvian Streetdance Cup, European Breakdance Cup 3vs.3
2010 – “Riga Open” Latvian Breakdance Championship, Latvian Streetdance Cup, European Breakdance cup 3vs.3
2011 – “Riga Open” Latvian Breakdance Championship, Latvian Streetdance Cup, European Breakdance Cup 3vs.3



LV +371 29166332 (LMT), +371 22322950 (Tele 2)

EST +372 59424334

RU +79150529288

vadimmaster[at]inbox[dot]lv,  info[at]masters[dot]lv,[at]gmail[dot]com



Russianlanguage of this post/page is also available.

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