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Popular dance – house – appeared in the disco era of 70′s and 80′s of the 20th century. House is built primarily on the full control of your body and energy. It is released in a blast wave or is carefully restrained.
Differences between house and other styles. House is often being confused with other dances, but it has its own unique history and distinctive features. The reasons for the similarities lie, most likely in the overlap between some elements from other dance cultures. Many consider house to be direct descendant of hip-hop, but, in fact, it is not. Hip-hop, of course, influenced the formation of house and brought in a lot of elements and emotions, however, significant changes in music of the 80′s played the main role in emergence of house. House is woven from a variety of styles, but in its basis it doesn’t have precise canons of movement execution.

House basic movement is considered to be «The Jack». Even a whole new direction of dance developed aroud it. In house dance the whole body is involved, and the top skill is considered to be the total ownership of the dance floor, a clear and quick footwork in conjunction with the body (Jacking).

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