About us

season 2017-2018!:

Olymp (A.Deglava 7) – Breaking /Monday, Wednesday, Friday 18.00-20.00/ 26091244 Nikolay
– Contemporary /Monday, Wednesday 20.00-21.00/ 27054401 Аgniya

RPV (Brantkalna 5) – Breaking /Tuesday, Thursday 16.30-17.30/ 26091244 Nikolay
– Street Dance /Tuesday, Thursday 17.30-18.30/ 22308192 Michael

88 vsk. (Ilūkstes 30) – Breaking /Tuesday, Thursday/ 26091244 Nikolay

95 vsk. (Bruknas 5) – Breaking /Monday, Wednesday 18.00-19.00/ 29962025 Аlex
– Street dance /Monday. 18.00-19.00/ 22308192 Michael

Ulbrokas vsk. (Vālodzes) – Breaking /Tuesday, Thursday 15.00-16.00/ 22308192 Michael
– Show Dance /Tuesday, Thursday 14.00-15.00/up to 10 years
/16.00-17.20/ from 10 years/ 27054401 Аgniya

Rinuži (A.Dombrovska 88) – Breaking /Monday, Friday 16.00-17.00/ 26091244 Nikolay

School of contemporary choreography “EXTREME” was founded in 2003 by Tatyana Cherepanova and Vadim Cherepanov.

Throughout all this time there were a lot of rewards and recognition, but the founders consider that the main merit and achievement is converting the studio into a big, happy family. And the distinguishing feat ure of the school is a succession of generations. Students grow up and become teachers. Young, energetic dancers continue what was begun. Experience and knowledge + keeping the pace with the time = success and constant professional growth. “EXTREME” is not only a quality teaching of the basics of modern dance, but also a creative laboratory, a chance for everyone who wants to try his hand in a multifaceted artistic world. Under the direction of Vadim Cherepanov, who is a famous show-man and versatile artist, extremers take part in various projects such as: “Dance with the Star” (“Dejo ar Zvaigzni”), “Hello Jūrmala”, “Golden Talents” (“Zelta Talanti”) (Latvia), “Golden Talents” (Estonia) , “2 Minutes of Fame” (“2 Minutes Sloves ») (Lithuania), “Minute of Fame” (“Минута Славы”) in Moscow. The school is also the organizer of a major championship in break dance – “RIGA OPEN”, which brings together the best dancers from many European countries.

We encourage you to live life at its fullest despite problems and difficulties. Be positive and open to beauty and art, as well as teach it to your children!